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March 8th, 2010 at 2:46 pm

Why Don’t You Have an Electric Car – The Four Excuses

I’ll bet you want an electric car. If you weren’t interested in owning one then you probably wouldn’t have clicked to read this article.
On another note, how much did you pay for gas in the last 12 months? Alternatively, how much did you fork out for your last fill-up? What could you have done with that money instead?
Surely you can’t enjoy emptying your account just to get around town?

So why don’t you own an electric car yet, and why aren’t you driving past the gas stations smiling, instead of driving into them frowning. Oh yes, I know, the kids, the cashflow, the knowledge barrier etc. I’ve heard them all. The list of reasons why people won’t break their oil addictions are like radio DJs, just going on and on. In fact I’ve heard so many of them I created a list that encompasses them all.

Which one are you?

The “Too Hard” guy
This chap keeps putting the conversion off because he doesn’t feel he knows what’s involved. It looks complicated and the internet’s awash with all kinds of technical jargon. It’s a pity because this person may never get an EV due to this fear of the unknown. It’s not a justifiable excuse, because my first conversion proved that anyone without mechanical knowledge can convert a car, and there are a great selection of ebooks and publications out there for the first-time converter.

The “Busy” guy
It’s ok, we’ve all been there. My own conversion was delayed for years because of me being the “Busy guy”, putting it off because I didn’t have a garage, or I didn’t have time, or because of the kids/wife/cat/ant farm etc. If others can find the time to do it with two kids to look after then you can too. Get the kids to help out! It’ll be their car as much as yours.

The “Broke” guy
Many of us are in this boat – in fact I’m probably one of the more broke among you all, but it’s not getting in my way. People assume electric car conversions are impossibly expensive so they don’t bother. Of course it doesn’t have to be expensive (remember but people think it is – and prohibitively so, so they don’t bother. The amount of intelligent cost-cutting methods I’ve seen over the past 3 years show that it’s just not a realistic excuse to use any more.

The “I’ll wait” guy
This chap often has one or more of the above reasons for avoiding a conversion, and subsequently decides to wait for Detroit to produce an affordable, factory-made EV. Problem is, the Volt won’t be released until later this year for a whopping $40,000 – and even then it’ll be in very limited numbers. This means it won’t be in his (or my) price range for 10 to 15 years – and 10 to 15 years is a lot of money in gas.

I realised recently that I’m one of those “guys” above. It shocked me to learn that I was giving the same excuses I’ve seen hundreds of times before, so last week I got off my butt and started scouring the local ads for dead donor cars to get my next EV started. I’m determined to stop paying for gas as soon as possible. Join me and the thousands of others around the globe. I hope after reading this you’ll get off that chair and do the same. You’ve really got no excuse.

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