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April 12th, 2010 at 2:29 pm

New York to Get Normal Looking Electric Cars

The Norwegian-based electric car company Think! Has announced today that it wants to bring a fleet of normal looking Norwegian electric cars to potential buyers in New York City. Think! Have put plans forward to have this happen within 12 months.

For an electric car the Think! City looks surprisingly normal. This is a major advantage in the electric car world, as consumers often have a notion that electric cars are always bubble cars by nature. As well as looking like a normal city car The Think! City electric will have a top speed of more than 70 miles per hour and a range of more than 100 miles per full charge.

Think! have also announced investment in a new production line facility in its corporate headquarters in Norway which means full scale production plans are going according to schedule and are inevitable, with these zippy little cars hitting North American shores before April 2011.

The Think! City takes around 9 ½ hours to fully recharge the battery from completely empty, which then offers a maximum usable range of 100 miles (160 km), perfect for New York streets and driving conditions. 

When the car is released to the US market at the beginning of 2011 it is expected to have a price tage of $37,000 US (before any tax credits). While expensive for a small hatchback, most of these costs are due to the cost of the battery. With a 25 kWh (kilowatt hour) battery pack – and with batteries currently costing around $1000 per kWh to manufacture, you can see why.

All this is expected to change however as the US Department of Energy has pushed a directive aiming to reduce battery prices to a maximum of $450 per kWh by 2015. This would mean within 10 years, electric cars could be just as cheap (or perhaps cheaper) than gasoline cars to produce and purchase.

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