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April 16th, 2018 at 7:40 am

Coffee with Gavin and Jacques – episode 2

Coffee Gavin Jacques podcast

Our conversations are unplanned, as you can tell by their un-professionalism

Well, we recorded another of our inane conversations during our Monday afternoon coffee.

In this recording of complete nonsense, Jacques and I discuss Belgian and New Zealand music, a mystical Dzi stone which I wear around my neck, trying on clothes, and how we have the amazing ability to both annoy and entertain the other patrons at Eleven Books & Coffee in Bratislava.

This time I decided to leave the lapel microphones at home and instead I aimed the recorder’s inbuilt microphones at Jacques and myself, hoping it would sound better than last week, while still capturing the great atmosphere of the cafe. You can be the judge.
So, once again for your listening pleasure/disdain, and at the mercy of the other cafe patrons, we started recording our stupid, meandering conversations.

Enjoy/despise by pressing the play button below. You have been warned.

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