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October 14th, 2015 at 12:01 am

My Slovak Life

Some random videos of my life in Slovakia:

In this video above, I attempt to play the Slovak musical instrument called the Fujara. It’s an impressive woodwind instrument with a distinctive sound.

Did someone mention wine?

This this video, my wife’s family show us how to make wine the old fashioned way – despite being in the middle of suburbia!

I love the snowy winters of Slovakia, even in traffic:

In most New Zealand cities snow is a very rare event. To have it fall this heavily is unheard of. Here in Central Europe however, it’s a different story. It’s so cool! This was recorded in Bratislava morning traffic after a decent snowfall.


One thing I love about Slovakia is the festivals. This above video is of a goulash party in the suburbs of Bratislava. As you can see I got decidedly drunk further into the video…


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